Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The more things change

I am sad to see that CNet's has closed their music section. It was a great source for new and established artists to hock their wares to eager audiences. They have suggested people move to I have resisted for a long time, but may now check them out. In my search for new music, I did discover this Local Artist Tamizdat has published their latest online as a free download.

So, what does all this have to do with SaaS or IT? Well, things change pretty rapidly in IT. They change much faster than users would like them to. Now enter SaaS into the game. In a true SaaS multi-tenant environment, IT is constantly updating and not just for a small group or for your company's installation, for everybody. Look at backlash facebook has received from constant and drastic changes to their environment. When things change in your environment, users will seek a new way to cope with that change. While I am sad to see the old CNet site go, it's disappearance has lead me to two new sites. Great leaders will know how to direct people to the next step seemlessly and without leaving them to scramble for that step on their own.

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