Monday, April 6, 2009

The Blues Brothers, master code developers

It's Monday morning and I'm reading tweets, my e-mail (home and work), and the various blogs that I track. Unable to think of a good posting myself right now as I am only half way through my first cup of coffee, I offer you this:

The Blues Brothers, master code developers

I must add one more allegory. Jake's wife (played wonderfully by Carrie Fisher in the film) is the stakeholder that comes from out of no where. The project is moving along despite a few pitfalls along the way. Suddenly the requirements change from another person at the customer's organization who at the last moment has decided that they need their fingers in this project. This is the moment when you think everything is about to fail. Project lead Jake pulls out all the BS he can muster and lets the project continue as planned.

Does this ring true?

Next: Can we create an allegory between project management and Star Wars?

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